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Don't rent your solar panels own them and eliminate your electric bill! Let's Get It On Your Roof!

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Do you like the idea of saving money and the planet all at the same time?  When you invest in a solar system, you can potentially reduce your power bill by hundreds of dollars, qualify for tax credits and also increase your home's value.  With so many advantages, it's little wonder that a growing number of people are considering solar power kit installation as a sound investment.  If you want a top quality solar PV panel installation, we're here to help.


Top Grade Panels for Your Solar Electricity Systems Installation


We buy our panels and other solar power system components from well-known manufacturers who are all leaders in their areas of expertise.  Because we source our goods carefully and buy them in bulk, we are able to achieve significant cost savings, which we pass on to our customers.  Not only do we install your panels for a very reasonable price, but we can also often arrange suitable financing products.  For further savings, why not take advantage of our referrals program?


A Greener Energy Source!


Solar/electric energy services & solutions produce clean energy which doesn't pollute the atmosphere or use up the earth's precious resources.  If you want to do your bit to keep emissions low and minimize the use of fossil fuels, solar energy is an excellent option.  Once in place, solar panels require virtually no maintenance and will last for decades without needing repair or replacement.



Solar Power Kit Installation for Yucca Valley, CA Homes, and Businesses


We are able to fit solar panels to both domestic residences and commercial premises.  Before installing your panels, we will check aspect, pitch and other important variables, ensuring we site your panels where they are likely to be most effective.  Once the panels are in place, we check that everything is running smoothly, and your clean power is being efficiently generated.  As a family owned business with over thirty years of experience, we'll be delighted to provide the expert, friendly and professional service you deserve.  For further information, call us at (760) 228-3188.

Solar/Electric Energy Services & Solutions in Yucca Valley, CA

Solar Panel Installation