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Don't rent your solar panels own them and eliminate your electric bill! Let's Get It On Your Roof!

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Solar electric systems are designed to help you reduce or eliminate your utility bills! Enlist family-owned Solar Now and learn how you can save thousands of dollars today!

You can increase the value of your residential or commercial property and get tax credits with ease when you opt for solar panel installations from our experienced team!

Take advantage of financing options as well as FREE estimates today! To learn more, call


Solar panel installation

Professional-grade solar solutions

Add unique functionality and sustainability to your residential or commercial property with solar electric systems from Solar Now!

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Eliminate your Electric Bill with Solar PV Panels Installation!


A growing number of people are realizing that a solar power installation can be the perfect way to reduce energy bills at the same time as offering a green source of energy.  Solar electricity systems installation is an affordable, planet-friendly alternative to fossil fuels, offering an excellent source of energy in a safe, ecologically responsible manner.  As well-established providers of solar/electric energy services and solutions, we are ideally placed to meet your needs for an effective installation.



Cutting-Edge Products That Give a High Level of Generation


Many people worry that they haven't got sufficient roof space or their home faces in the wrong direction to successfully install solar panels.  With more than three decades of experience under our belts, we can usually find a way to safely install a solar panel system, even on roofs which are less than ideal.  We are happy to install panels on residential and commercial properties, enabling home owners and businesses to enjoy lower prices on their energy bills, increased property prices and a reduction in their carbon footprint, simply by making the switch to solar power.



Solar/Electric Energy Services and Solutions Can Save You Money


One of the major advantages of solar energy is that it's free!  Once you've taken off the cost of your installation, any other money you make or save from the energy you produce is yours to keep.  If you're concerned about affording the cost of the panels up-front, we have some attractive finance options which may be of interest.  To make an additional sum, why not take a look at our referral program?



Committed to Providing Exceptional Solar Electricity Systems Installation


We provide a residential and commercial service in Palm Springs and Yucca Valley, CA, that aims to make every installation exceptional, providing high-grade solutions that are built to last.  Many people find that once their panels are in place, they can enjoy years of trouble free energy production.  To find out more about what we provide or for answers to any queries, call us at (760) 228-3188.

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