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Don't rent your solar panels own them and eliminate your electric bill! Let's Get It On Your Roof!

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Commercial Solar Panel

Lower the overhead costs of your business

Solar systems can reduce or even eliminate your utility bill

Quality commercial and industrial solar electric systems

From solar energy system installation to its monitoring and maintenance, the expert technicians of Solar Now can handle all your solar needs with ease!

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With 32 years of experience, you can rest assured that we will provide you with reliable solar electric system installations every time. We are a family-owned and locally operated business.


You'll also receive a 10-year service and workmanship and installation warranty.

Customized installation services

Our professionals design and install best-in-class and versatile solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems to create highly effective and cost-efficient solutions for your business.


To meet your needs with unparalleled customer service, our professionals provide customized solutions tailored to your situation.

Utilizing world-leading solar manufacturers

One of the many benefits of adding solar panels and systems to your property is that 30% of all these installation costs are subtracted from your Federal Income Tax payments.


Additionally, accelerated depreciation tax savings, which is another 25% cost reduction, create an investment vehicle with a fast return on investment.

Taking advantage of Federal tax credits

  • Grants, tax credit, and incentive program experts

  • Solar opportunity evaluation

  • Solar system design and engineering

  • Permitting and rebate processing

  • Solar energy system installation

  • Financing solutions

  • Monitoring and maintenance

Available services and benefits

Commercial Solar Panel