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    With over 300 days of sunshine a year in Southern California, the reasons for getting solar are as clear as day.

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    Ok, you've done your research, realized the benefits, and are ready to go ahead and start saving by going solar. Smart Choice. We can do it for less than other companies in the area. Why pay more for the same thing?

  • California ♥'s Solar

    California is leading the way in the United States in green energy jobs. As of 2015 we had more than twice as many jobs in the green energy sector than any other state.

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  • On/Off Grid

    We offer on & off grid systems as well as water heating solar systems. Be tied into the grid or go Jeremiah Johnson and become completely independent. Either way you're energy bill will thank you.

  • Energy Savings

    Find out how much energy you're using and just how much you'd be reducing by going solar. The U.S. Dept of Energy has some pretty interesting statistics comparing energy usage by state.



The average household energy bill in California is $236.55/month.

That’s $2,838.67/year. The lifetime expectancy of an average solar electric system is between 25-40 years. Without one you will most likely spend $85,160.10 throughout that time span. The savings are simple.

Solar Now

Wouldn’t you like that extra $50k for more smart investments?


When you invest in Solar you can expect to see your bill drop dramatically. Most people end up being able to pay their bills with pocket change…
but ideally down to that beautiful number $0.00.

Solar Panels

So why choose us?


According to the California Energy Commission, companies all across California are charging an average of $6.21 per watt, which means a small residential system of 5kW is going to COST YOU $31,050.
We guarantee we’ll do it for less.

Solar Car Port

It’s a smart, but big, investment.
where do I get started?

Reach out to us

We install solar panels in Palm Springs, Yucca Valley, Joshua Tree, 29 Palms, Morongo Valley and the Coachella Valley. We’ll give you a free evaluation. And to prove that we’re serious in regards to what we said about beating the competition’s prices- make us not your first, not your second, but your third quote- & we’ll beat it. Also check out these rebates – the SCE Rebate will deduct $0.20/watt from your upfront costs & The 30% Federal Tax Credit applies 30% tax liability reduction on your tax return.

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And by switching to solar you’ll be

Increasing your home’s value

Yeah, when you install solar the value of you home will increase by $20,000 for every $1,000 you save on your energy bill each year. Plus that’s value that won’t increase your property tax since solar is tax exempt.

A national leader in solar energy

California is leading the way in the United States with solar energy usage by adding more than twice as many clean energy jobs than the next closet state, you’ll be helping pave the way.

Saving our planet

Well, you’ll be helping. By installing solar you’ll be saving planet Earth from 9,612lbs of carbon dioxide em-missions in the atmosphere, that’s the equivalent of planting 1,041 trees.

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And you’d be happy with yours

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